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Darlington Citizens Advice Bureau located at



When you visit the Bureau during our gateway drop-in times we will offer you a Gateway drop-in. A Gateway drop-in is a short ten minute assessment to understand how best to deal with your situation. We may refer you for a more in depth appointment with the right person(s) who can then better deal with your issue. We use Gateway as a means to help us see more clients within the local community.

Face-to-face Gateway drop-ins are available at the following times*:

Day(s) Time
Monday to Friday 10 am until 12 noon

*Please ensure you arrive early, as these sessions are held on a first-come-first-served basis.

Telephone based gateway drop-ins with Citizens Advice Darlington are available through Adviceline on:

0300 330 1195

available at the following times:

Day Time
Monday 10 am until 4 pm
Tuesday 10 am until 4 pm
Wednesday 10 am until 6 pm
Thursday 10 am until 4 pm
Friday 10 am until 4 pm

Telephone based gateway drop-ins are similiar to face-to-face. An assessment would be made then an appointment would be arranged, if needed, over the phone.

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