Abuse study for abuse victims

Abuse amongst older women: their voices, prevalence, nature and experiences of services.

Purpose of the study

The main aim of this research is to explore the experiences of ‘older’ women who have been abused. This is an under researched area, as in general, people aged 60 and over have been ignored in previous research.

It is important to listen to the voices of women who have experienced mistreatment in later life.

By listening to the voices of women, aged 60 and over, it is hoped that there will be an increase in awareness and positive and meaningful changes to social policies.

Who I would like to talk to

Females aged 60 and over who have experienced violence and/or abuse; and/or neglect. It can have been committed by anyone, including a stranger. It may have started before turning 60.

What participating in the study will involve

You are under no obligation to participate. If you do choose to, interviews will last for an hour, but this may be longer if you require additional time.

To enable a better understanding of experiences, I would be very grateful if you would talk to me about your experience(s) of abuse, the impacts upon you; and whether you sought support and/or your views on seeking support.

All interviews will be confidential, and any information provided will be anonymised.


If you do not wish to take part in this research but would like information on support available, please contact:

Women’s Aid Helpline:
0808 2000 247

National Rape Crisis:
0808 802 9999

You can contact me and ask questions and I can also send you more information for you to consider:

emma.finnegan@northumbria.ac.uk or by telephone 07756574520