Volunteer testimonials

Advisory roles:

Gateway Assessor

“I originally volunteered at the bureau to improve my own skills and confidence while studying at university. Having recently graduated I am now looking for work, however my colleagues and the various challenges faced each day, have been a factor in continuing my volunteering. It is a great feeling when you assist with solving problems for people and everyone who uses the service we offer shows their appreciation. Volunteering at the bureau is a great way to help your local community and meet new people.” 

Jonathan, Trainee Gateway Assessor.

“Everyone at the Bureau is really friendly and supportive; it is a great environment. We are helping all sorts of people with everyday issues and I did not know that CAB covered so much. It is the best volunteer training scheme that I have seen in years. It is a joy to be here as a volunteer.” 

Kim, Trainee Gateway Assessor.

Generalist Advisor

“When I retired, we moved back to the UK, after living 10 years in Canada. I volunteered years ago when I was working and raising my children and although I enjoyed it, I could not find the time to do it all. I always knew that when I retired, I would volunteer again. Two months after arriving back in the UK, I visited Evolution to discuss where I might best be placed, to volunteer. Evolution suggested Citizens Advice Bureau and so I attended an open day; from the start, I loved being at the bureau. I was a Telephone Gateway Assessor for two years and then trained to be a Generalist Adviser. I like working with the volunteers and staff here at the bureau. It would be easy to say that I enjoy helping people but it goes deeper than that; I have discovered the goodness in people and that, in itself, is the most rewarding aspect of this work. Even if I cannot solve a client’s problem, simply listening to them is often enough. Most of the people, who visit the Bureau, have serious issues, which affect their quality of life. I love the challenge of sorting through their problems and helping the client to deal with them.”

Sheila, Volunteer Generalist Advisor.

“Being a volunteer with Citizens Advice is both rewarding and satisfying. Being able to help people from all walks of life is rewarding in itself. There is a good feeling of camaraderie and a sense of being part of a large family.”

Shelagh, Home Visits.

Session Supervisor

“I came as a volunteer to the Bureau after retiring early through ill health. When I recovered I needed a new challenge and working here has given me a new purpose and an intellectual challenge, while been much easier than full time work. I have stayed because of the people I work with; people who care enough about others, to work or volunteer at the bureau, to… help those experiencing difficulties in their lives. They are such lively and interesting people and I love working alongside them. When I go home after a hard day at the office, I count my blessings as any problems I have pale into insignificance, when compared to those faced by many of our clients.”

Bob, Volunteer Advice Session Supervisor.

Office roles:

Marketing and PR

“It was an absolute honour to undertake a voluntary marketing and PR internship. My current degree at university does not directly associate with this particular field so I was more than thrilled to have the opportunity to do so at Darlington CAB. Working here has helped me develop the skills essential to this occupation and therefore increasing my chances at impressing my future employers. I am very grateful to have been able to work alongside a close group of friendly and welcoming staff members, and have undoubtedly had the most unforgettable experience ever.” 

Tiffany, Marketing and PR Intern.