CORE Money Group

“We have been responsible for developing and implementing the CORE Financial Inclusion Strategy for Darlington with the vision to proactively develop a cohesive financial framework  that is robust enough to address the wider money problems facing our residents.”

We aim for everyone in Darlington to have the same opportunities, life chances and potential, to lead safe, healthy, happy and fulfilled lives, no matter where they are born or live. This means reducing the disparities between different localities within Darlington and the national average. The most successful societies in the long-term are those that are the least polarised. We need to work with residents to lift them out of poverty by improving their financial capability skills and their ability to access financial products and services.

This webpage has been designed to provide key documents such as terms of reference, meeting minutes, agendas and key presentations. These are available to active members who currently participate in the Group and it’s activities.

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If you have any questions about the Strategy, or want to get involved, please contact Michael Daley, Head of Financial Inclusion on 01325 266 888 or email